Bead Weaving Classes Bead Weaving Classes Sparkling Squares Bracelet Instructor: Sandra Duckworth $35 201955817 Ruthless Rizos $30 205593040 Soutache Cuff Linda Biermann 205593032 Charming Cobra Bracelet $35 Instructor: Sandra Duckworth 201918803 Daisy Chain Instructor: Heather Holland-Daly $35 197997052 Luxe Cuff $25 205593033 Crystal Lace $30 205593035 Mysterious Pearl Bracelet Instructor: Bob Caveglia Learn an easy variation of right angle weave! 178876903 Beaded European Beads Instructor: Abbi Berta $35 Learn to make beaded beads that fit perfectly onto "European Style" bracelets. 160124680 Radical RAW Instructor: Linda Biermann $45 Student should be an advanced beginner or be familiar with Right Angle Weave. 175016038 Over the Rainbow... In the Belly Instructor: Bridgette Saunders $40 You will learn Ndebele Herringbone in order to weave this fun and funky colorful wonder! 155972188 Stitch Sampler Bracelet Instructor: Linda Biermann $35 per stitch session 192441397 Manhattan Bracelet Instructor: Abbi Berta $45 You will learn R.A.W to create this dazzling bracelet. 150083764 Cool Cuff Instructor: Linda Biermann $80 (As seen offered at the Bead-Q Jewelry Exploration!) Bead embellish a brass cuff just like the ones you see in the magazines! You will be taught step by step how to make the cuff of your wildest imagination from the basic design, to lining beads up straight, all the way to finishing the underside with a beaded border and ultra-suede fabric. 120570669 My "Other" Tennis Bracelet $45 205593034 Kaliedoscope Bangle Instructor: Theresa Bridgeman $25 Use a fun netting technique to stitch this colorful bangle! You will have tons of fun following the sequence of colors in this pattern! 155972369 Netted Spike Bracelet $50 205593036 Kumihimo with Beads Instructor: Linda Biermann $40 120565526 Beaded Cabochon Instructor: Linda Biermann $80 (As seen offered at Bead-Q Jewelry Exploration) Learn to bead around your favorite cabochons in order to frame them beautifully and wear them as a pendant! 120570668 Bezeling Rivolis Instructor: Mike 120461906 Russian Spiral Instructor: Abbi Berta $25 Kits and patterns available for sale in-store and on the website! (As seen offered at the Bead-Q Jewelry Exploration!) 120459798 Gatsby Necklace $45 205593048 Luck O' the Irish Instructor: Bridgette Saunders $45 Design by Barbara Case Weave a beautiful shamrock bracelet. A great accessory on St. Patrick's Day or all year 'round to represent your heritage! 145628130 Dragon Jewels Bracelet Instructor: Abbi Berta $65 (As seen offered at Bead Fest Philadelphia!) Using Peyote-Stitch with different shapes and sizes of beads, you will learn to control your tension to weave this enchanting bracelet that emulates the majestic skin of a dragon. 120462385 Other Tennis Bracelet Instructor: Abbi Berta $45 120461903 Open Fantasy Instructor: Mike $30 120461905 Captured Cabochon Instructor: Abbi Berta 120461913 Too Cool 2B Square Bracelet Instructor: Hanna Bertulis 120461911 I Heart You Bracelet Instructor: Bridgette Saunders $35 Design by Barbara Case Weave a heart bracelet! A great bracelet to wear on Valentine's Day or make each heart a different birthstone for your loved ones! 145628118 Beg. Flat Peyote Instructor: Bridgette Saunders $35 In Beginning Flat Peyote, you will choose your bracelet design and be introduced to the magical world of Delicas. You will learn how to weave the flat peyote stitch, increase, decrease, and add thread, plus finishing and troubleshooting techniques. 120459589 Gemstone Garden Bracelet Instructor: Bridgette Saunders In this intermediate bead-weaving class, you will create a Chevron stitch base, then embellish the top with crystal flowers. 120459797 Spiral Bracelet Instructor: Kara Jacob $25 Learn to weave the basic spiral rope out of two different colors of seed beads! 120459596 Poor Gal's Tennis Bracelet Instructor: Carolyn Schneider $45 120459799 Tilicious Bracelet Instructor: Abbi Berta $50 You will learn a variation of Peyote Stitch to weave the medallions for this bracelet. Once you connect the medallions, you have a beautiful tiled bracelet made from the Two-Holed Tila beads! 120459588 Freeform Peyote Bracelet Instructor: Joan 120459831 Square Stitch Necklace Instructor: Bridgette Saunders In this class, you will learn the basics of Square Stitch, then learn to embellish with fringe. 120459796 Satin Seas Instructor: Abbi Berta $45 Using right angle weave, you will create a satin crystal bracelet in layers of beautiful flowers and prismatic shapes. 120459592 Brick Stitch Earrings Instructor: Bridgette Saunders 120459836 Quilted Crystal Cuff Instructor: Hanna Bertulis 120459838 Flapper Bag Instructor: Bridgette Saunders 120459840 Peyote Bumps Instructor: Bridgette Saunders 120461904 Beg. Tubular Peyote Amulet Bag Instructor: Bridgette Saunders 120461909 St. Petersburg Chain Instructor: Abbi Berta 120461907 Vintage Freeform Fringe Earrings Instructor: Abbi Berta 120461912 Rock Candy Bracelet Instructor: Abbi Berta $50 120461914 Centipede Bracelet Instructor: Abbi Berta 120462768 Fringe Flowers Bracelet Instructor: Kara Jacob 120462770 Beginning Netting Necklace Instructor: Bridgette Saunders 120462771 Daisy Bracelet Instructor: Abbi Berta 120462769