Metals Classes Metals Classes Beginning Silversmithing Workshop Instructor: Ruth Leech $75 You will learn to bezel a cabochon using bezel wire and a backing. You will make a bail for your pendant and solder everything together. You will learn to cut, saw, file, bezel, solder, quench, pickle, burnish, and clean the metal. 120465956 Artemisia Ring Instructor: Jill Kettler $65 Students will learn a variety of techniques to create a beautiful ring. They will learn both hot and cold connections to secure their stone in place on the ring. 173766018 Rolling Stones Pendant Instructor: Jill Kettler $45 Learn to use a soldering iron and lead and acid free materials to solder and organic looking pendant using real semi-precious stones! 178874877 Battered Heart Pendant Instructor: Abbi Berta $50 You will learn basic annealing, fold forming, and texturing techniques to create a beautiful copper off center heart pendant or centered link. 148816101 Pea Pod Necklace Instructor: Abbi Berta $75 Students will learn a fold forming technique to create a pod shape to perfectly fit their selected "peas". They will learn to safely operate a torch and anneal their work. They will learn chasing and oxidizing techniques. 173766019 Fractals Necklace Instructor: Carolyn Schneider $55 In this class, you will learn basic metals techniques as well as enameling techniques! Students will create copper balled bars and then enamel them to make a beautiful color-dotted necklace. 160115362 Initial Sawing Instructor: Ruth Leech 178877012 Organic Bangles Instructor: Abbi Berta $55 You will learn to create free hand organic shaped bangles from 5 different metals. You will then solder each metal to forge the bangle and learn to create adorable charm connectors. 155971745 Spinner Ring Instructor: Ruth Leech $60 Work with Sterling Silver to create a beautiful ring with a lot of interest! 167238032 Feather Ring Instructor: Ruth Leech $35 Learn to cut and texture metal to shape an incredible feather ring. You will create beautiful color with a torch and then seal the color in! You will draw a pattern, cut the metal, file edges to a smooth finish, and etch. Using a ring mandrel and a rawhide hammer, you will shape the adjustable ring to fit any finger. 140052568 Bones Bracelet Instructor: Abbi Berta $30 This class will teach basic metals techniques such as annealing, chasing, creating texture, forming, and safely oxidizing. 173766017 Hot Wired Glass Bracelet Instructor: Abbi Berta $55 You will learn to make soldered rings out of wire that connect beautiful borosilicate lampwork beads to create a beautiful charm bracelet. In this class, you will be using a micro butane torch and copper bearing solder paste from a syringe. 120467438 Fused Linked Bracelet Instructor: Ruth Leech $60 You may cut or saw each link for the bracelet. You may use different metals of sterling silver, copper, or brass. You will file the edges of each piece to a smooth finish. You will learn hammering, texturing, fold forming, etching, stamping and fusing. You may draw with fire... yes, draw with fire to create the variations in color! You will make your own jump rings and clasp. 120465925 Sterling Message Cuff Instructor: Abbi Berta $55 In this class, you will learn to shape and file metal to create a cuff. You will then learn to stamp a message onto an arced surface. You will then oxidize to bring out the detail of the cuff. 120465953 Beg. Riveting Instructor: Abbi Berta $50 Learn different cold connection techniques to rivet shapes of metal together to create a unique pendant. 120465923 Riveted Message Ring Instructor: Abbi Berta $65 (As seen offered at Bead Fest Philadelphia!) In this class, you will learn to cut Sterling Silver to the size needed for your desired ring. You will shape and file the ring and then stamp a message onto the surface. You will then shape the ring and complete it by learning to use a tube rivet. 120466271 Sterling Adjustable Ring Instructor: Ruth Leech $45 You will learn how to size a ring and cut the correct length of wire to use. You will solder, quench, pickle, and clean the wire. You will forge the little balls at the ends of each wire, then you will learn to use the ring mandrel with a rawhide hammer. There will be other examples to see or you can create your own design. 145629404 Forged Silver Bracelet Class Instructor: Ruth Leech $50 You will lean about different shapes of wire and their uses. You will learn to use a vise and twist the wire into a lovely bracelet just your size. 120465959 Hammered Earrings Instructor: Ruth Leech $50 You will select a disc size and texture it with a hammer. You will select a complimentary component. You will pierce the disc so you can add a headpin and create a method to attach the ear wire. You may make two pairs of earrings if time allows. 120465955 Fold Forming Earrings Instructor: Ruth Leech $30 In this class, you will learn fold forming techniques to create an awesome pair of earrings! You will cut, file, hammer, fold form, and pierce the metal discs. You will learn to use a dapping block. You will draw with fire to create variations in color. You may make two or 3 pairs of earrings if time allows. 120465958 Copper Works Instructor: Ruth Leech $75 You will create a lovely necklace of your own design. You may use copper and brass to create a contrast of metals. You will draw, cut, saw, hammer, etch, shape, pierce, and lash another metal to it to create your design. You will create a bail. You will draw with fire... yes, draw with fire to create variations in color! You will forge copper wires to embellish your one of a kind pendant. 120465954 Beg. Stamping Instructor: Abbi Berta $45 Personalizing your jewelry can be so much fun! Learn to stamp and texture metal with words and designs! 120465957 Precious Metal Clay Workshops Please Note: We are not currently scheduling PMC classes at this time. Please check back in the future. Instructor: Linda Biermann Have you ever wished making silver jewelry could be as easy as playing with playdough? Learn how to use PMC3 to create incredible fine silver jewelry. Beginning 2-Sided Treasure Pendant, Beginning Dichroic Pendant, Beginning PMC Rings - (1/private) $120 (2 or more) $90 / Advanced PMC Techniques - additional fee determined by instructor based on difficulty 120466336 Cold Connection Stone Pendant Instructor: Abbi Berta $65 This class will take your cold connections to the next level. You will create a base then connect a prong or fold over setting to hold a stone. 120465924