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Luna Bracelets (10 pk)


Luna Bracelets are ultra soft and ultra secure Stainless Steel bracelets that stretch! They open and close seamlessly and easily, allowing you to design and redesign your own stack of trendy embellished bracelets! They're fine enough to fit through most beads yet strong enough to support their weight. To operate, backspin the ends, then insert the tapered side into the opposite end. While still holding the ends together, release the backspin and allow the tapered side to screw itself into the open side, locking itself in place. To open and redesign your Luna Bracelet, simply twist the ends back while gently pulling on either side of the nearly invisible seam. Once you've finished designing, gently roll them over your hand to put them on and make more!

Luna Bracelets are comfortable enough to wear while sleeping and don't pull arm hairs! They're beautiful worn alone or in an armful. Add beads and/or charms, or wear a stack of them plain! However you decide to design your Luna, we're sure you'll love them.

Luna Bracelets measure approximately 1.3mm and approximately 7" in length while open. Adding multiple large beads will affect the fit of your bracelet but remember, they're super stretchy so they're a comfortable fit on most wrists! 

Gold Bee bead not included but don't worry, you can buy one for yourself right here on our site.

For wholesale or custom quantity inquiries, please e-mail or call 618 222-0772.

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