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How To Make Stretchy Tile Bracelets Using Tila Beads

Watch our video tutorial or follow our easy step by step written instructions to learn how to create easy, trendy, and eye-catching stretchy bracelets using stretch cord and double-hole tile shaped Japanese glass beads called Tila Beads. This is a fast beginner-friendly project that requires little-to-no tools or special equipment!

What you'll need:

Or just grab a kit!

tile bracelets square.jpg

Materials List:



  • 75 Tila Beads (Color A)

  • 25 Tila Beads (Color B)

  • 75 Quarter Tila Beads

  • 6 ft. .5mm Stretch Magic Cord

  • 1 Big Eye Beading Needle

  • Optional: Bead Stoppers, glue


Step 1: Cut (2) 1 ft. lengths of your stretchy cord. Add a Bead Stopper or piece of tape to one end of one of the cords. String the Big Eye Beading Needle onto the other end of the same cord. We'll be working with one cord at a time.

Step 2: Lay out a design of Tila Beads and Quarter Tila Beads that you like! Play with ideas and try new styles with each bracelet. My personal favorite design style is to use Color B as a "jewel", surrounding it with the Quarter Tilas. I like to fill between those sections with 2 Color A Tilas. Check out our video above for more tips and design ideas!

Step 3: String through the top holes of each of the beads in your laid out design. Make sure the number of beads you're using on each bracelet is the correct size for your wrist by holding the strand around your wrist and placing the beads together. Remove the needle and place a bead stopper or piece of tape on the other side of the cord.

Step 4. Add your other 1 ft. length of cord into one of the Bead Stoppers on your bracelet. Add the needle onto the other end of your new cord.

Step 5: Using the needle, string through the empty holes in the Tilas and Quarter Tilas that are strung on the previous cord.

Step 6: Remove the needle from your cord. Remove the Bead Stoppers from one of the strands. Tie the corresponding cords together in a square knot making sure the bracelet is not twisted. Repeat this step with the other strand, making sure to match the tension of the first strand.

Step 7: Apply glue to the knots if desired and carefully CAREFULLY trim the tail ends.

Step 8: Tuck the knots into the closest bead to hide them for a finished look.

Repeat these steps with the rest of your materials to create a set of 3 bracelets.

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