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Width (mm): 10.6 mm

Height (mm): 6.8 mm

Hole Diameter (mm): 2.2 x 6.3 mm

Country of Origin: USA


These crimpable barrel beads have 6x2mm holes large enough to accomodate large stringing materials like round cords, suede lace, and ribbons. They can be crimped to hold materials in place by using a hammer and block, tapping gently until hold is achieved!


Sold by the pair (two): In the "Packaging Option" drop down menu, select "pair".  Then in "Quantity",  select how many pairs of beads you would like to order.

 And please select which color you are ordering. 


Sold in discounted bulk packs of  20: In the "Packaging Option" drop down menu, select Discount Bulk Pack. Then in "Quantity",  select how many discounted bulk packs of 20 beads you would like to order.

And please select which color you are ordering.


Please allow longer proccessing times for bulk orders.

Bulk orders may ship separately.

6x2mm Deco Barrel Bead 94-5804

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