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Width (mm): 9.25 mm

Height (mm): 16.4 mm

Inner Diameter (mm): 2.6 mm

Loop Inner Diameter (mm): 2.3 mm

Country of Origin: USA


Inspired by the popularity of mala style bracelets and necklaces, this large hole bead with a loop is an alternative to a traditional 3 hole guru bead. Hang a tassel from the loop for traditional prayer bead designs, or use it as a bail in any of your other jewelry creations. What a simple yet elegant way to create showstopper jewelry!


Sold in discounted bulk packs of 20

Please select how many discounted bulk packs of 20 beads you are ordering.

And please select which color you are ordering. 


Please allow longer proccessing times for bulk orders.

Bulk orders may ship separately.

Lotus Guru Bead 94-5814 Pack Of 20

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