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Loop Inner Diameter (mm): 1.25 mm

Bar Length (mm): 24.75 mm

Ring Outer Diameter (mm): 16 mm

Materials and Finish: Cadmium & Lead free Pewter

Country of Origin: USA


Beautiful patterned with spirals and tiny beads this whimsical toggle set has a surprisingly sophisticated aesthetic. Spice up your designs with this fun and versatile clasp.


Sold individually: In the "Packaging Option" drop down menu, select Individual.  Then in "Quantity",  select how many clasp setsyou would like to order.

 And please select which color you are ordering. 


Sold in discounted bulk packs of 10: In the "Packaging Option" drop down menu, select Discount Bulk Pack. Then in "Quantity",  select how many discount bulk packs of 10 clasp sets you would like to order.

And please select which color you are ordering.


Please allow longer proccessing times for bulk orders.

Bulk orders may ship separately.

5/8" Spiral Bar and Ring Clasp Set 94-6142

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