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Width (mm): 9 mm

Height (mm): 7.25 mm

Hole Diameter (mm): 1.25 mm

Country of Origin: USA


Traditional edge and trim patterns add a tapestry of texture with these unique beads.


Sold in packs of 4: In the "Packaging Option" drop down menu, select "Pack of 4".  Then in "Quantity",  select how many packs of 4 beads you would like to order.

 And please select which color  you are ordering. 


Sold in discounted bulk pack of 20: In the "Packaging Option" drop down menu, select Discount Bulk Pack. Then in "Quantity",  select how many discounted bulk packs of -- you would like to order.

And please select which color  you are ordering.


Please allow longer proccessing times for bulk orders.

Bulk orders may ship separately.


Woven Barrel Bead 94-5529

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